The new mi band 4 comes with a 0.95 inch AMOLED color screen with a hundred and twenty by 240 resolution and 2.5 D scratch-resistant glass, the mi band for has new six-axis high-precision accelerometer for better sports tracking which now comes with a swimming stroke recognition

           You can dive in deep waters up to 50 meters. Okay, so I got the Chinese version for the mi band. it's all Chinese text and it has the leap a global version doesn't have that a leap a so what comes inside a box is the yep support the mi Band for we have its charger.

    mi band 4 release date: This device already realse in india.

                  So it has USB and now it's round it's not any flatter cable and the Chinese manual okay alright. let's compare this mi Band for charger compared to this mi Band 3 okay so mi Band 3 the charger is mi Band 4. Okay, so because for mi Band 3 it's a charging connector is actually here at this side while for the mi Band 4 each charging connector is at the bottom, so it's at the sensor where this is the heart rate sensors.

                  So you can't use the charger for the mi band 3 but what's good about this is you can still use the strap for mi Band 3 although the design looks a little bit different, so it still fits so as you can see there mi Band 3 is a little bit rounder. the mi Band for is actually flat and there's just only flat there's all the home button there is actually something like a round thing.

               Therefore the home button for the mi band 3 it has this round some round part under glass which is the home button so as you can see that there's a big difference on its display so, mi Band 3 is using the OLED background and the mi band 4 is actually Super AMOLED.

                    Which is very bright and there's a big improvement on the previous model. so we're going to explore the mi band 4 so this is its home screen. you can actually change the watch faces using via the mi band 4 or you can actually use the mi fit app. so when you slide on the left side there is this quick launch for the control. which you can play, pause, skip and also the volume control.

                   So you can also adjust it from here, so if you use these Chinese versions if you check on the right side there's a quick option for the ally pay, but for the global version on the right or the left, it will open the control. so if you slide it up we have the status you have steps distance, calories and also your idle alerts. so the button here is actually, for home I can use it to hit on the back or to wake the mi Band 4.


                   Okay so let's go to the next one which is the heart rate so for the heart rate unlike real all the versions you have to stay steady for a few minutes or seconds until it measures your heartbeat, but this you just have to open it once you open it, it will already display the beats per minute, okay so you don't have to wait for it to just have to press and you can exit out of it okay so work out they have enhanced the workout there are more options for working out.

                     So we have the outdoor running treadmill cycling walking and exercise and also the pool swimming so mi band 4 is also similar or is actually the same as the mi band 3 which is five-time so which means you can actually dive with it up to 50 meters and hence you can see the pool swimming which you can use it to count the laps.

                      Okay so let's try one of my exercises just an escape of that you'll have a comment I'm afraid to start and you will see the time distance pace and your heart rate will be measured as well okay so for you to stop it you just have to press and hold the home button and you can either stop you can resume the exercise.

                         So let's stop that next will be the weather so for the weather it will show you the high and the low temperature of the day, but it's not going to show you the actual temperature right at this moment but it's good enough. notifications you can actually switch on adjusting the notifications with your method app. so you can see everything from there you can switch ON switch off whichever notifications you want to show on this mi Band 4 and when someone calls you it will have a color I display and you can either reject that call as well but you can't answer it because there's no speaker or a mic for this moment.

       when will mi band 4 launch in india: This device already relese in india.

                    Let's go to the more options so more options you will see the D and D which stands for do not disturb okay you can have three settings for that which is turn on auto turn on or turn off the and by default is actually off. alarm so we can see some alarms here but this alarm you can only add it in via the mi fit app you can edit you can not edit using the mi band 4.

                         So next is the stopwatch it is the same as the control as I showed you earlier. so we have the stopwatch timer find the device if you misplace your phone somewhere in the room just press this it will have a pinging sound on your phone which we can't use in my region so we have the band display it will give you four options for which displays you want to choose from, but there are a lot more displays via the method app so another the thing they've added is the settings.

                       We have the brightness, lock screen and also reboot so this is these options are actually new which were not present with the previous mi band. so this is a theme fit app that is available for both Android and iOS. so you can see from here your steps your sleep data your heart rate is also being synced here. so for the sleep monitor, you have to wear this we went for while your sleeping and it will record your sleeping data so you can also have running, walking or cycling.

                     Here mean you have to bring your phone when you're doing the exercise because the mi before doesn't have a GPS. alright, so for you to add the mi Band 4 you just have to go on their profile, sounder the profile you can hit on the plus. so you can add the band, just have to agree to this and it will also detect your band and you just follow the prompts on the screen and from there you will be able to edit add the band.

                   So for us to check on the settings for the band just go to the top one this is mi Band 4 so we'll show you the battery life and all these settings so first we have to go to the band settings so band settings will show us what is the available display so for example, we have to choose one display we're going to change it to this mi band.


 How to set time in digital watch.

To set the time and date on your digital watch, press the "Adjust" button twice to access the "Time and Date" display. Press and hold the "Adjust" button to until the "Time" digits begin to flash. Use the "Start/Stop" and "Split/Reset" buttons to set your digital watch to the correct hour and minute increments.
     So I ask you to sync watch face or sometimes it will ask you to download it, so you then have a syncing icon or syncing display on your screen for the event form and now it's done.

      Mi band 4 launch date: This device already relese in india.

                     So you can see it has changed it to the one that we selected okay. so there's a lot of bandy space you can choose from and these are the bandage space that is actually using it on my phone. so it has been downloaded to your phone so it's easier for you to switch to it next time alright.


                 So you have your alert so incoming calls events and alarms and also your app alerts. you can actually sync to whichever alert whichever notification you want to be displayed on your mi band 4.


                    So these are the other options you can choose from and also some settings find your mi band, which side of your band may be in the right side or the left side and so on. so there are a lot of options that you can see from here which you can actually do sync form for your mi band 4 and that's all for mi band 4.

mi toll free number and service center contac details.

      Mi service centre pune  


V Care Informatics, Office No.201,
2nd Floor, Astral Court, B Wing,
Above Axis Bank, Gaikwad Nagar,
Opposite Gaikwad Petrol Pump,
Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra, 411007

Hours: 10:30 AM to 07:00 PM, Sunday Closed

Mi service centre mumbai AND 

Mi service centre in mumbai.  

MI Service Center Mumbai (Flex)
MI Service Center Mumbai (Flex)
Open Closes 7PM · 090290 20112
Closes 7PM
090290 20112

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
MI Service Center Navi Mumbai (TVSe)
Open Closes 7PM · 022 2781 0304

MI Service Center Mumbai (V Care)
Thane, Maharashtra
Open Closes 7PM · 022 2432 8808

  Mi service center noida.

MI Service Center Noida (BMCP)
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Open Closes 7PM · 097174 30884

Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Open Closes 7PM · 0120 457 0591

MI Service center (BMCP)
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Open Closes 7PM · 0120 455 7467

  Mi service center chennai

  MI Service Center Chennai (Radiant)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Open Closes 7PM · 044 2241 2235

MI Service Center Chennai (RSI)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Open Closes 7PM · 098402 69234

  Mi service centre bangalore . 

1st Floor 155, 19th Main Road Above Polar Bear Ice-Cream Parlour, 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010

Closes 7PM   080 4371 1142
Bengaluru, KarnatakaMI Service Center Bangalore (TVSe)
Open Closes 7PM

MI Service Center Bangalore (B2X)
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Open Closes 7PM · 070190 81588

Mi service centre kolkata.

1/1, Camac St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017 
Closes 7PM

Mi service center in delhi. 

Ug 4-5 Western Mall Janakpuri Delhi -110058, Delhi, 110058
Closes 7PM PHONE 011 4567 8248

Closes 7PM
  PHONE 011 4282 8140 E-527,Opp:- Mcd School, Near Ramphal Chowk, 110075, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075

Closes 7PM
  PHONE  098187 34100 D-3, 2Nd Floor, Main, Mata Mandir Rd, Dr Ambedkar Colony, Chhatarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110074 

Mi service center jaipur.

103, 1st Sunny Paradise 1, 102A, Tonk Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015
 Closes 7PM   0141 271 1879

 F-138, Dhanshree Tower 1, Opp. Shekahawati Hospital, Sector 2, Central Spine, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004    0141 491 0907

 Ram Mandir Compound Near Sb Sports, Govind Marg, opp. Bhatia Bhawan, Raja Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004
 Closes 7PM     063671 07227

First Nf/S-9 Nehru Place Tonk Road Opp Nehru Garden, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015
Closes 7PM     0141 400 9993

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